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One Planet Summit Focuses on Reversing Biodiversity Loss

11 January 2021

Arctic Divestment: Who Wins?

Arctic / Arctic Wildlife Refuge / Climate Change / Decarbonization

Arctic Divestment Signal of Global Decarbonization

Arctic / climate action / Environment / Glacial melt / Permafrost Melt / Sea level rise

The permafrost is…melting!

BIPOC / Clean Energy / Climate Change / Climate Fires / Decarbonization

Collaborating for Climate Change

Our Choice: Live in a World on Fire or Stop Drilling for Oil

September 12, 2020 Watching the west coast burn brings up a certain level of anxiety in me. I share the ...
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Water Security and The Closure of Indian Point

Water is vital to the global energy industry, from start to finish. From drilling for extraction to generating electricity, to ...
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Denmark: Green Energy Leaders for the Future

During the 1973 Oil Embargo, the world found themselves incredibly vulnerable to the under-supply of fossil fuels. Denmark was importing ...
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As Global Firms Divest from the Arctic, One Still Needs to Come in from the Cold

As COVID-19 ran rampant in our world, forcing an international shutdown, we witnessed a noticeable and dramatic drop in greenhouse ...
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